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Native Behavior in a World of Native Advertisers

We'll be discussing how brands develop strategies to tell their stories and create in ways that fit the natural conversations of a platform and the unique communities participating in each one. Identifying existing trends and examining them to tailor your strategy and messaging to the appropriate audience on the appropriate platform is key. Porting over the same strategy and content from one platform to another is disingenuous, does not work and is off-putting to existing and potential consumers. In a world full of platforms and segmented audiences how do you make each one work for you?

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  1. What are the best tools to understand where your audience is? 
  2. What are the best way to go about identifying community trends and how do you consider what trends are most appropriate for your brand?
  3. How can a brand emulate existing community trends without seeming like they're imposing?
  4. How can Tumblr help brands "find themselves"?
  5. How do you balance genuinely participating in the conversation with the need to effectively market and promote your brand?



Ari Levine, Brand Strategist, Tumblr

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