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How to Start and Grow a Tech Company in NYC

In 2011 we came to New York from Australia with the mission to start an agency. It was hard work but, so far, it's been a success. We now have 10 people in our team and we're profitable.

We want to share our trials and tribulations with other people out there, like us, who have the dream of starting and running their own design and technology agency in New York.

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  1. 10 things you need to know to get started and why you don’t need a lot of money
  2. Making money: how to generate business, keep clients happy and be cash positive from the start
  3. Dealing with rapid growth: attracting and retaining talent
  4. Doing great work: how to build a creative work culture
  5. The secret to keeping sane: keeping a healthy work/life balance and why working long hours is bad for business



Carl Panczak, CEO – New York, Reactive New York Inc.

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