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Rails for Designers

Learn the essential Ruby and Rails needed to transform your designs into working web applications in this all day workshop.

Doing so will inform your design decisions, improve your ability to collaborate with back-end developers, empower you to make your ideas real, and be a lot of fun.

We'll start with a static HTML5 mockup of an app, and, step by step, bring it to life until it is dynamic, database-backed, and connected to social APIs.

If you come prepared with a mockup of one of your own ideas, we'll also help you map out how to apply your newly acquired skills to it.

We assume no prior programming knowledge except for familiarity with HTML and CSS.


  1. How can I deploy a static HTML site to the web for free?
  2. What are the architectural differences between a static site and a dynamic web application?
  3. How can I allow users to generate content for my application?
  4. How can I integrate front-end designs with a database-powered application?
  5. How can Ruby on Rails help me answer all of the questions above?



Raghu Betina, Instructor and Managing Partner, The Starter League

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