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Website Demolition Derby

This interactive session will offer live critiques of musician websites. Audience members submit their websites and then each site's design, organization, content and functionality will be assessed. How does the website fit with the artist's overall online strategy, and how successfully does it achieve their goals? Reviewers are extremely knowledgeable about website best practices and deeply allergic to bad design, Flash widgets and unreadable fonts. Reviews will be ruthless and diplomacy will be left aside, but everyone will leave the room with lots of tangible information on how to improve their websites.


  1. Do artists still need websites?
  2. How does a website fit in with an artist's overall online strategy?
  3. What elements should be on a website’s Homepage?
  4. Should your music auto-start when visitors arrive to your website?
  5. How can you use a call-to-action to increase sales and mailing list sign-ups on your website?



David Dufresne, CEO, Bandzoogle

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