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Press Start to Begin: UX and Video Games

'Press start to begin' is the message gamers have been greeted with since the early days of interactive entertainment. Hitting that start button is typically the player’s first interaction with a game after putting in the cartridge or disk, the moment they go from passive observer to active participant.
As the number of gamers and the devices they play them on grows, game designers and developers are starting to look in the direction of User Experience to help them craft interactions that not only make it easer for users to play their games, but to enhance the experience of the game itself. This panel of game journalists and game designers will talk about how UX has impacted the game industry, what developers are looking for out of UX, and how UX can take games to even greater heights, offering examples of games that are already there, and maybe a few that could use a little help.

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  1. What role does UX have in game design and development?
  2. How is UX perceived and leveraged by game designers/developers?
  3. How does a UX practitioner get into doing UX for video games?
  4. How does a game developer bring UX into the game design process?
  5. What are some examples of good and bad UX in games? What makes them good or bad?



Michael Dunn, Executive Producer & Managing Editor, Gaming Trend

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