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Social Circles Versus Social Media

This panel will look at how people socialize online and offline – and how these interactions affect each other. Just as they do in real life, people on social networks and social media form social circles – in a way that can be even more evident than in real life. Do these groups move offline and socialize in real life? Are they forming groups based on social connections, or via interests? On the other hand, friends who socialize offline form similar social circles online. How does this affect their real-life group dynamics?
In this discussion, GroupMe Co-Founder Jared Hecht, Path’s Director of Product Dylan Casey, and HowAboutWe Co-Founder Brian Schechter will discuss how users’ digital interactions are inspiring offline experiences and in effect, how companies are catering to this growing need for online interaction amidst offline activities. The panel will explore how users’ bring their activities from online to offline, and how social media is creating a new offline experience.


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  1. Is your focus shifting from developing product technologies to creating tangible offline experiences? Do you think that companies who offer the opportunity for great offline experiences will be the most valuable to users? Does it need the online component as well?
  2. How do you connect the emphasis on experiences to other large trends like the migration to cities? How does this change how you’re marketing to users?
  3. How do you make money off the shift to the experience economy? Will new revenue models appear? What will they look like?
  4. If we shift to an experience economy from a material economy, how do you see our perspective on property and property rights changing?
  5. Groupon was arguably one of the first shifts to the experience economy. Since its launch four years ago, the company, and the industry, has experienced high customer fatigue. Do you see this as a concern for the economy overall and why? If yes, how can you combat it?



Caitlyn Carpanzano, Account Director, Brew PR

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