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Big Data: Rise Above the Buzz for Social Impact

Big data has the power to change the world. But for every new piece of valuable data, a larger pile of useless data obscures it. It’s tough work to sift through it all to find the pieces that lead us to greater insights.
Organizations and individuals need to understand what stories they want to tell with their data. They need to learn how to gather the right kinds of data and to do so with a strategic understanding of how they can become insightful information tied to a larger narrative. When the right data are gathered in the right way and presented intelligently, that is where the magic of data begins to fulfill its promise.
Learn how to understand, process, visualize and communicate your big data -- and how to avoid the pitfalls that doom many data for good efforts. We will feature case studies from organizations that are using data to transform their work and share insights from journalists, designers, and social-change leaders who are confronting these issues every day.

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  1. What is the difference between data and information?
  2. Will big data live up to the hype, and how can you maximize its effectiveness for your organization?
  3. How is big data used in the social sector?
  4. What are specific examples of how big data is being used for social good?
  5. How do I communicate what we learn from big data to advocate for my cause or state a case for financial support?



Karen Holst, Social Entrepreneur, Colin's Hope

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