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Random Acts of Marketing Are Killing Your Startup

Are your startup marketing efforts organized like a random to-do list? Good marketing can mean the difference between life and death for a startup yet most startups are managing their marketing efforts like a disorganized, unpredictable, arbitrary mess of tactics.
This session will show you how to build a lightweight agile marketing engine to help you make the most of your puny marketing budget and tiny team to drive predictable results and revenue.

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  1. How do I drive more revenue for my startup with a small marketing budget?
  2. How do I get more organized and smarter about how I plan my startup marketing programs?
  3. How can I drive more predictable results from my marketing programs?
  4. How do I maximize the output of my small marketing budget and tiny team to drive revenue for my startup?
  5. How do I build and track a startup marketing plan that drives revenue for my startup?



April Dunford, Co-Founder and Managing Director, RocketScope

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