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Transform a 1 Night Stand Into a Long Relationship

The music industry in 2014 is at a critical turning point. Album sales are on the decline, and ubiquitous online services that allow users to stream individual songs with one click are not compensating artists accordingly (just ask Thom Yorke). In this new reality, the live performance has emerged as the main way for artists to make money. As such, converting one-time concertgoers into loyal fans that travel with the band and buy merchandise can be the key to earning a good living as a musician (just ask Pearl Jam).

But how can artists keep concertgoers’ engaged after they play the final note? Luckily, mobile technology provides a compelling answer by giving artists a way to connect not only during the show but to keep the conversation going thereafter. This session highlights five ways for artists to use mobile to spark a conversation that connects and converts long after the house lights turn off.


  1. How can artists effectively deploy mobile campaigns at live events in order to build a robust mobile database of fans that can be engaged via SMS and other notifications?
  2. What are the most effective ways for artists to continue the conversation with fans over the long term to ensure they stay engaged beyond the event?
  3. What impact do tactics like SMS messages of links to download that evening’s concert, discounts on t-shirts or other merchandise, and social campaigns have on overall fan loyalty?
  4. Is there an app for that?
  5. What, if any, type of brand partnerships are most compelling for audiences?



Matt Calderone, Account Manager, LaunchSquad

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