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Responsive Web Design When Things Are Teh Sux0r

Sometimes web design isn't all unicorns and rainbows and most likely your site isn't as simple as the one in the demo. Are you stuck with a cludgy out of date (or out of touch) CMS? Does your UI leave much to be desired? Are you tasked with a responsive project sans the luxury of an impending redesign? You're not alone. In this session we'll take a handful of common challenges with implementing responsive design and give you strategies for addressing the issues and keep your project moving forward. With a nod to best practices and separation of concerns, we'll explore practical approaches to overcoming ugly source code, problematic UI, and intrusive JavaScript, to help keep your projects on track.


  1. How to address UI elements designed strictly for desktop?
  2. How to work with unruly forms and form elements?
  3. What to do with massive amounts of navigation?
  4. Can you fix plugins that weren't built with responsive in mind?
  5. How to handle code or content from third parties?



Scott Lenger, Front-end Engineer, Beaconfire

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