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The Death of Podcasting Has Been Exaggerated

Chuck (KROX Austin and and Godless of the Metalsucks Podcast, Johnny Goudie of the How Did I Get Here? Podcast, and one more successful podcaster talk about the strategies they've used in growing their audiences, the best way for musicians to get their music featured in this modern version of radio, and how musicians can use podcasting themselves to develop their relationship with their audience. There are some fairly obvious strategies to use for growing an audience for a podcast and some of these strategies could be applicable to band promotion as well.

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  1. How do you decide what music to talk about and play on your shows?
  2. How did you find your audiences?
  3. What sustains audience interest in your podcast?
  4. How should musicians and publicists approach podcasters with their music?
  5. What is next for podcasting?



Paul Phelps, Talent, The Metalsucks Podcast

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