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The Connected Home = The New Apps Marketplace

In case you haven’t noticed, the “connected home” has finally arrived and it’s growing faster than a weed on Mopac Expressway. Large cable companies such as Comcast (Xfinity Home), Time Warner Cable (IntelligentHome) and Cox (Cox Home Security), and top tier home security such as ADT (ADT Pulse) have launched home management+security solutions, enabling their consumers to better manage lives by keeping them connected to the things that matter the most: home, family and property. But these aren’t just new offerings, they are platforms in the home that will drive an unlimited number of services in the future. Because these solutions include in-home, widget-driven touch screen control panels, application developers have a huge opportunity to take advantage of this growing market and help drive innovation to take this industry to the next level. Learn from top cable company executives how you can help change the way consumers live their lives.


  1. Home automation solutions have been around for years but have never been targeted to the mass market. How are cable companies and telecos now able to deliver a cost effective solution that is driving the fast growth in the connected home marketplace?
  2. As leaders in the cable and telecommunications industries, what is your vision for the connected home and how do you plan to deliver on that vision to further grow this market?
  3. Interactive touch screens are part of these solutions that are being put into homes today that enable the consumer to easily manage their home. What types of applications have been developed thus far for these devices and how successful have they been?
  4. As cable industry leaders that are deploying these connected home solutions, what applications do you want and need for your platforms that you feel have mass market appeal?
  5. What’s the real opportunity for application developers? Is this a short-term need or are you relying on app developers to drive innovation in this space for years to come?



Greg Roberts, VP, Marketing, iControl Networks

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