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Viral Crowdfunding: Story, Team & Gamification

So you want to raise money online and go viral? This session will examine three of the most elusive factors that can contribute to the virality of a fundraising campaign. Whether you are a nonprofit raising money year round, or an entrepreneur raising money for a project, the actionable strategies that we describe regarding online fundraising/crowdfunding are the same. We will start by digging deeper into the definition of viral growth and looking at the formula (don't worry it will be clear for the non-math-geeks too). We will examine what makes an effective story and how you can apply strategies to telling your own story. We will look at why raising money by yourself is a bad idea and how to build a team to raise more money. We will touch on how to leverage e-mail and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, we will look at how campaigns can integrate game mechanics into the campaign to spur engagement and raise more money.


  1. What is virality? What is the formula for virality and how does this inform strategies to maximize the viral growth of a crowdfunding campaign?
  2. What are the elements that make a good story? What resources will you need to tell the story?
  3. Why do we need a team when raising money? Who should be part of my team? What should be expected of the team members? How can I incentivize people to join my team?
  4. What technologies and tools should I use to promote my fundraising campaign? What are some quick tips for using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn?
  5. What are game mechanics? How can game mechanics be used to drive engagement, giving and fundraising for a crowdfunding campaign?



Matthew Bishop, Founder & CEO, iGiveMore Inc.

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