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Templating Creativity: The Last Business Taboo

For companies large and small, the “creative process” is often the only process that remains a black box. It’s an area understood only by few and a part of the business that is impossible to articulate through excel. As a small, multinational media company we realized our business could not survive the creative status-quo. We will discuss how we took up the challenge to break our own black box and in the process uncovered a new a source of competitive advantage - the ability to create an authentic product at scale. We’ll also talk about how the techniques and strategies we use are relevant for other creative businesses to succeed in turning the most nebulous part of their business into a source of strength.

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  1. How do you remove the “creative process” from it’s black box?
  2. How do you template creativity without killing authenticity?
  3. How do you scale creativity the way you do other parts of your business?
  4. How do you turn an environment dismissive of creativity to your advantage?
  5. Why should you focus on techniques when developing the “creative process”?



Nikos Kakavoulis, CEO & Founder, Daily Secret

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