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Global Enterprises on a Digital Adventure

Big data is so 2013; anyone can build an app these days; try creating the digital infrastructure that empowers 200,000 people across 150 countries to change the world. Take a wild ride on a digital safari from Mongolia to Central Africa, from Paris to New York, hearing two from two of the largest public and private sector enterprises in the world on their separate but similar paths to digitize an operation across every known border, on every known device, and as reliably in a war zone as a major western capital.

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  1. What is the basic framework for a large-scale enterprise digital strategy?
  2. How can for-profit and non-profit enterprises benefit from the growing commercial digital ecosystem?
  3. What are the capabilities enterprises need to translate ideas into digital tools that make a difference?
  4. How can an enterprise strike a balance between performance/cost and design/experience?
  5. What are the lessons learned from the trenches of an enterprise digital program that spans the world?



Daryna Kulya, Design Coordinator, Office of Digital Innovation, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

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