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A Discussion on Viral Content with RSA Films

A discussion with RSA Films that looks at the hugely successful and ground breaking online virals they produced, that formed a centre point for the marketing campaign of the Ridley Scott film Prometheus. Which as a result had one of the biggest 'R' openings of all time and top box office grosses of 2012.
A screening of the viral films and a discussion with the executive producer and one of the directors. We will look at how the virals came about and the challenges they faced. Ultimately questioning how viral marketing potentially fits in to the future digital landscape of publicising movies and engaging with audiences.
The first viral 'TED Talk' had a social reach of 8 million and then second viral 'David 8' had more than 10 million people viewing the spot on the website. Furthermore tens of millions of additional people were seeing it somewhere else online, whether it was youtube or a blog. In an article online Forbes magazine called the campaign ‘a major viral victory’.

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  1. How did the concept of the virals originate? From script to production, we will discuss how the concept came about, and how Prometheus Director Ridley Scott and Writer Damon Lindleoff approached the RSA directors to create the virals.
  2. How was working in partner with the main Prometheus production? What potential logistical and creative challenges did you face? Looking at the potential challenges, such as making sure the virals complemented and seamlessly slotted in to place with the vision Ridley Scott had for the feature film.
  3. How was working with the client to deliver the final films?
  4. Should and could traditional movie trailers that give much of the plot away be replaced by viral films such as these? Can viral films build around the main feature films world and create a greater sense of expectation and excitement, that sets up the film without the spoilers.
  5. With a growing move towards film and content distribution online, are virals the future of marketing movies and generally engaging audiences in a smarter way? With audiences now being so aware of what they are being sold, is this a better way of engaging with them?



Ed Wise, Assistant to Managing Director, RSA Films

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