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For Good And Profit: Impact Entrepreneurship FTW

Over the past few years we've seen a tremendous rise in social good for-profit enterprises. This session, which includes leading social good entrepreneurs and impact investors, will examine why we're seeing this boom and what the future of social enterprise might look like. We'll look at advantages social good companies have over traditional businesses (recruitment advantages, retention, etc). We'll examine why some social issues are best solved in a for-profit structure, and talk about what problems might best be left to traditional nonprofits. Finally, we'll offer resources and advice for aspiring social good entrepreneurs, based on our own experience founding, running, and investing in social good startups.

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  1. Why have we seen a boom in impact investing over the last 5 years? What was the root of the hesitancy to invest in impact entrepreneurs previously and why has that dissipated?
  2. Why is a for-profit social good company often the best structure for solving many of the worlds societal ills? What problems are best solved by traditional nonprofits? Why is this so?
  3. What advantages do social good startups have over traditional businesses? Is there a metrics driven argument for making your business double bottom line?
  4. What will the future of social good startups and double bottom line investing look like? What are the current trends in impact entrepreneurship?
  5. If you're an aspiring social good entrepreneur, what resources are available to you? What advice did the experienced impact entrepreneurs on the panel wish they had heard when they first started?



Seth Bannon, Founder & CEO, Amicus

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