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Attention Couch Potatoes: Motion Makes it Easier

Today's media-savvy consumers routinely access media from many sources and are growing increasingly impatient with the constraints that plague device-oriented entertainment. The Internet has also changed consumer expectation and rendered the selection tools of traditional TV entertainment obsolete. Fortunately, advanced motion sensors are becoming prevalent in many CE products and are more central to the user experience therein. By using motion technology as a core utensil, it is possible to dramatically improve usability and therefore enable improved device navigation and interactivity in Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, game consoles, set-top boxes, PCs, and more. This session explores flexible, practical and cost efficient motion solutions for the majority of CE use-cases, and demonstrates how motion will be a dominant utensil in the implementation of content discovery, device navigation and interactivity across a wide range of devices and platforms in the coming years.


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  1. What are the specific technology options behind various motion control applications (RF, MEMS, cameras, lightbars, mechanical gyroscopes, etc.), and how do they work?
  2. How do MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetic sensors pave way for next-gen applications and expose consumers to millions of choices without overwhelming them?
  3. What technologies/applications exist today that enable consumers to interact with content applications more efficiently than the traditional multi-button remote control and grid-based programs?
  4. What are some advantages of employing MEMS inertial sensors in Smart TVs and other CE devices? Specifically, how do MEMS aid in natural interaction, heads-up orientation, better application design for a better user experience, provide familiar and consistent interaction, and so on?
  5. How do natural motion interfaces enable more cost-effective and efficient methods for turning sensor output into useful applications across a variety of devices and platforms; and what are some of the implementation challenges and technical considerations therein?



Dan Simpkins, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Hillcrest Labs

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