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Digital Disruption Will Make Everyone A Developer

Digital disruption is changing how consumer devices, services, and experiences are developed. More new ideas are being generated, prototyped, and tested than in the history of the world, showcased on places like Kickstarter or in hackathons. But so far, in order to participate, you have to be an engineer of some sort, and the number of engineers is not growing fast enough to release all the ideas that need to be released. In this session, McQuivey, author of the acclaimed book Digital Disruption, will introduce digital disruption, show how it democratizes idea generation and development, but then present the chasm that exists between today's developer world and the world as it should be: when anyone can develop an app or even a device. He'll propose the most likely bridge to cross that chasm, built from even more technology: app creation tools, 3D printing and automated manufacturing tools, and democratized big data resources.

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  1. What does digital disruption do to software development?
  2. When will non-coders be able to develop awesome software?
  3. What is the skill set of the developer of the future?
  4. What will it mean to under-represented groups in software -- women, minorities, etc. -- when coding is no longer a barrier to development?
  5. What does a future where anyone can develop software look like?



Simone Levien, PR Manager, Forrester Research

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