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YouTube- New Breeding Ground for Music’s Future

The rapid growth of online video has established YouTube as the go-to source for new music and music-based content. Music mogul Russell Simmons, (co-founder of Def Jam, co-Creator of All Def Digital (ADD) YouTube Network), Brian Robbins (Founder of AwesomenessTV and co-Creator of All Def Digital) and music executive Steve Rifkind (Founder of Loud Records) will discuss how YouTube is the new breeding ground for music’s future stars. All three are partners in All Def Music, a new record label with the sole purpose of identifying, developing and promoting future stars on the world’s fastest growing media platform: YouTube.


  1. How is the recording industry evolving to keep up?
  2. How are record labels altering marketing now that artists already have a strong online/grassroots presence?
  3. Will consumers buy albums from YouTube stars if they can find the content for free online?
  4. How can aspiring artists use YouTube to get noticed?
  5. What will the music industry be in the next 2-3 years?



Mario Gonzalez, Account Coordinator , MPRM Communications

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