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Chicken Little Goes Rogue

In 2009, Bob Garfield published The Chaos Scenario and the world of media and marketing shit themselves. The book presented an apocalyptic vision of the steady collapse of mass media and mass marketing, which was scary enough. But then he went on to demonstrate the digital world to be woefully unable to achieve the advertising/publishing symbiosis – or the scale – to fill in the yawning gap. It’s all about supply and demand, ad avoidance and vanishing reach.
But now here comes Bob’s successor book, suggesting a way out of chaos. Co-written with digital-marketing pioneer Doug Levy, The Human Element (title TBD; Penguin Portfolio, March 2013) is a manifesto, a primer and damn near a spiritual wake-up call for doing business in the dawning Relationship Era. Filled with proprietary data and case histories (plus Garfield’s trademark gimlet-eyed analysis of worst practices), The Human Element will literally launch a new discipline within marketing.

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  1. How do marketers connect in a world so much out of their control?
  2. How can social media change everything and why you must resist temptation to try to control them...
  3. Why brands who betray their purpose, or simply can't define one, are adrift...or worse...
  4. Why must marketing forge and sustain human relationships exactly as we all do in our personal lives?
  5. Why does embracing the human element yield higher lifetime customer value and lower promotional costs, such as advertising?



Jana Boone, VP, GM, Meplusyou

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