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Social Media Etiquette Makes or Breaks Fundraisers

Crowdfunding is the most effective way to fundraise because the most powerful ask comes from peers.
Now that crowdfunding is so popular, how do you avoid common pitfalls that deter potential donors? Create the right message. Be respectful and gracious. Keep everyone involved in the process-before, during and after.
Giving is social. Start by engaging your inner circle. As your fundraiser gains momentum, branch out further. By creating a community of givers and leveraging the latest social media technology, it is possible to make giving fun.
It’s often difficult for people to grasp how much every donation helps no matter the amount. By focusing on affordable donations, it is possible to put the power of online giving within the reach of more people.
Social media helps you take your fundraiser everywhere your audience goes-so the potential reach is endless. It provides opportunities to build genuine relationships with your donors, who are then more likely advocate on your behalf.

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  1. What are the best practices and etiquette for requesting donations from your social media network?
  2. Are your social media tactics enhancing or hurting your fundraiser?
  3. How to use social media to inspire others to tune in and reach out on your behalf.
  4. What to share with your networks: before, during and after the fundraiser.
  5. What are the hottest trends in social media fundraising tools and methods?



Alessandra Nagy, Account Associate, Grayling

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