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Keeping it All Together: Apps to Make Life Easier

Between the boardroom and the grocery aisle, it’s easy to feel like you have multiple personalities. Juggling back-to-back conference calls, but can’t remember to get the oil changed?
Successful Type A’s in the workplace can often feel like a C+ at home. With more than 85% percent of men and 67% percent of women working well over 40 hours per week, how do you keep it all together?
From crazy travel schedules to personal finances and everything in between, we’ll share some tips and tricks from a diverse group of executives and globe-trotters who wear many hats.
Learn how to ditch the paper trail and get your life organized, on-the-go and with minimal effort. Your relationships will thank you.


  1. What are the five most important apps to have on my phone at any given time?
  2. How can I automatically keep my significant other in the loop and stay connected with my kids?
  3. How can I outsource the tedious stuff?
  4. How can I actually leave the office on time?
  5. How do you spend where it counts the most?



Linda Bao, PR Manager, PR Manager

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