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The Future of Making

The idea of making isn’t just reserved for handmade bikes, artisan pickles, and Arduino helicopters. The act of making makes us human. As we create new tools and technology that create new professions and possibilities, it will shape our everyday lives and our economy.
The future of making is a product of our human needs and the possibilities we create through technology. This is about a larger shift towards making and the unexpected movements that might occur. It's about how everyone from you to your grandma might design, make and consume products or experiences in the next 10 to 15 years.
In this session Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, and Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, will host a conversation that considers how we might fashion new tools for the future and then how those tools might influence our lives.

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  1. How might we remix, assemble and build goods and experiences in the future?
  2. How might new tools and technologies create new categories of artisans?
  3. How might our emotional, function and social needs drive the creation of individualized experiences?
  4. How might K-12/college education change if making and creating becomes a part of core curriculum? And, what tools would support this?
  5. How might the intersection of biology and design change who, how and what we create?



Colin Raney, Managing Director, IDEO

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