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Future of Education for Austin Technology

This session is about supply and demand. As Austin and the tech industry grows, how will our local schools (K-16+) adapt their education to the needs of the workforce and the city? The session will also cover Govt regulations and policies that are impeding our education system's ability to be more nimble. Finally, the panel will review trends like MOOCs, Early and Dual College, and new software like campus2careers that will help students pursue academic pathways for in-demand careers.

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  1. How are school systems (K-12 and post secondary) adopting technology in the classroom?
  2. How is curriculum changing to address the skill gaps in the economy?
  3. How can employers influence the education system and the future of our workforce?
  4. What are the federal and state policies supporting and impeding our ability for a more employment-oriented education system?
  5. What trends, software, and ideas should we be watching for in the space?



Nathan Green, Founder, President, SureScore (campus2careers)

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