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Think, Act, and Create Like a Mashup

The best mashups are creative collages of seemingly disparate elements, that when combined, create an innovative and more powerful whole. In order to thrive in an increasingly cross-discipline, cross-platform, blurred world, the best creatives must operate like mashups in thought, experience, action, and skill and understand how to curate these parts to yield new outcomes. Those creatives who can successfully merge varying disciplines, abilities, and theories, reap jobs, launch successful, collaborative projects, build celebrated platforms, and enjoy career longevity.
This Future15 delves into what it means to think, act, and create like a mashup, how mashup thinking spurs innovation, examples of accomplished creatives who operate like mashups, and steps that creatives can take today to mash their way to success.

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  1. How do successful creatives operate like mashups?
  2. Why is it important for creatives to be multifaceted in skills, experience, thought, and action?
  3. What is mashup thinking and how does it contribute to successful projects and innovation?
  4. What are examples of successful creatives who operate like mashups?
  5. What steps can I take today to operate like a mashup?



Felicia Pride, chief content officer / founder , pride collaborative / the create daily

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