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How the Black Twitterverse is Changing Pop Culture

The most influential community on Twitter is the “Black Twitterverse”. Using the microblogging tool as a platform, Black Twitterverse continues to influence pop culture and political discussion in power shifting ways. It can turn middling TV shows into hits (think ABC’s Scandal) or force mainstream media to address the not-so-hidden racism of a TV icon ( e.g. Paula Deen). In this panel, we will discuss how the Black community is changing the landscape of popular culture via Twitter.

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  1. What is the impact of the Black Twitterverse on pop culture?
  2. How do you gauge the Black Twitterverse’s reactions on the platform?
  3. Is the Black Twitterverse representative of the Black community?
  4. How is the Black Twitterverse different than other Twitter communities?
  5. Are Black people the only folks contributing to the Black Twitterverse?



Ashley Scott, Marketing Associate, digitalundivided

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