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Indie Filmmaking Impact: High Quality at Low Cost

It's an exciting time in the realm of filmmaking where converging aspects of technology, creativity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender are revolutionizing the industry. Hardware and software solutions for acquisition, editing, VFX, audio, and finishing are all readily available. Some say affordability and open access to the masses is a threat to democratization in the industry. Abundant and low-cost filmmaking tools produce global convergence of creativity, technology, and an interwoven pool of shared information that crosses human divides, exposes world values, and reveals uncommon ideas. Marco Solorio of OneRiver Media shares the creative and technical process, globalizing views, and cultural diversity within his current BMW documentary film, "Ten Tenths." He reveals low-cost gear used to produce high-end results and shares the importance of managing multiple media formats, preservation of creative content for archiving, and retrieval awareness for future generations.


  1. How did you get the BMW documentary film started and how, if at all, did it evolve from its first inception?
  2. Including both production and post-production, did you already own your hardware, software, and gear for the entirety of the film, or did you buy or rent gear for it? What were some of the key elements used?
  3. As a grassroots effort, how did you fund the film from beginning to end, and what kind of social marketing did you employ to aid in the funding process?
  4. How do diverse social backgrounds play a role in a documentary of this nature? Is this really about cars, or something deeper below the surface?
  5. Is there anything you would do differently for the film if you were to start the project over again from scratch? Likewise, what wouldn’t you change if you were to do it over again?



Marco Solorio, Owner, One River Media

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