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Big Brother is Watching: Tracking Today's Gamer

Today's gamers generate enormous amounts of information every time they launch a game. That time you blew yourself up accidentally? Publishers and developers saw it. Those 20 minutes you wandered around lost with no idea what to do next? It was noted.

That information can be used to better tailor the gaming experience and to make better games, though. It can also help companies better hone their recommendations and marketing plans. And it can tell publishers and developers a lot about their customers that they didn't already know. But should game owners be worried about their privacy? Join us as we look at how and why companies sift through this flood of data - and the upsides and potential pitfalls for both game makers and players.

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  1. How does mining user data result in more engaging games?
  2. Does the analysis of this sort of data drive pricing decisions?
  3. How will this sort of data collection influence the industry in years to come?
  4. What are the marketing advantages of gathering and analyzing this user information?
  5. Are there privacy ramifications to the collection and analysis of this detailed information that are not being considered?



Heather Pond, Corporate PR Manager, Ubisoft

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