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Take Your Google Glass to Work

Google Glass has opened a Pandora's box of privacy concerns for consumers. But what about Glass for doing work?
We think Glass can help people do everyday work tasks. If you're interested in developing for Glass or are just intrigued by its potential in the workplace, and want real world examples of how to benefit real users as they do work, come to this session and go hands-on with Google's new toy.

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  1. In what specific ways can Google Glass benefit people at work?
  2. What specific jobs and tasks should you think about when building for Glass at work?
  3. What about privacy concerns in the workplace?
  4. What approaches should I take when advocating Glass to colleagues or customers, given the consumer privacy concerns?
  5. How can I tap into data hidden away in enterprise application data stores?



Jake Kuramoto, Director, User Experience, Oracle

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