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Interface Transitions: Designing the Space Between

Interface transitions are the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) transitions that take place between different points in a user experience. From the subtle effect of a pin dropping onto a map to the infamous Flash-based website splash-screens, interface transitions can add delight or dismay to the user experience. This session hopes to articulate the different types of interface transitions, show good and bad industry examples of their use, and help attendees be aware of how they can use interface transitions for their own work. As a bonus, we'll even examine ways that other fields leverage conceptually similar transitions, including film, classical music, and architecture.

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  1. What kinds of interface transitions are there?
  2. What are some good and bad examples of interface transitions?
  3. How can I use interface transitions to help my own work?
  4. What are some easy way to test out various interface transitions?
  5. How do other fields use similar concepts to interface transitions?



Corey Chandler, Principal Interaction Designer, Deep Dive Design

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