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Content Modelling: Where Content Meets Tech

Any good content strategy has to align business goals, user needs, and editorial capabilities. And, under the hood, a content management system (CMS) succeeds or fails based on its ability to support all three. How often have you heard content creators say “This CMS is awful!”?

This may not be because the CMS is inherently bad. Often it’s just not configured properly. We can’t convey every aspect of the content with examples, writing guidelines, and annotated wireframes. Instead, we create models that are used to communicate all the types of content, the elements they’re made up of, and their relationships to each other.

In this presentation a tech-friendly Content Strategist and a content-sympathetic CTO will discuss how to create content models that will spur discussion, identify gaps, align teams, resolve issues, and ultimately sit alongside functional specifications to define how a site - and the CMS that populates it - should be built.

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  1. Why is content modelling is important for a digital project?
  2. What is the role of the content model in a content strategy?
  3. How are content models used to enhance collaboration between UX practitioners, developers, and stakeholders?
  4. How do you read and review a content model?
  5. How do you create a content model?



Rachel Lovinger, Experience Director, Razorfish

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