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The New EDM Fan

Electronic Dance Music continues to take the world by storm – and with it comes a new generation of music fans that sit at the nexus of music and technology. A recent survey from Eventbrite and Harris Interactive Services Bureau revealed key differences in the social and digital behavior of dance fans vs other music fans. More than other genres, the EDM fan is digitally engaged with the music, the live event, and other EDM fans. This has major business implications for the genre, from marketing to media to community. This panel explores how the behavior and personality of EDM fans directly impacts the growth of the EDM industry. This panel includes Martina Wang (Eventbrite) and representatives from Disco Donnie Presents, In the Mix and Dancing Astronaut.

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  1. How are EDM fans different than other music fans?
  2. How is technology changing the way people interact with hobbies they love?
  3. What key factors will influence the future of the EDM industry?
  4. What drives such higher digital engagement for the dance music fan?
  5. How will digital engagement of music fans continue to evolve in future?



Martina Wang, Sr. Marketing Manager, Music, Eventbrite

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