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Virtual Visits from Teaching Artists

"Art School" is a term that can often bring to mind student loan debt and degrees that aren't useful in the real world. However, in today's democratized world of free media tools and tutorials, one can learn about the arts and even develop a robust arts education via YouTube and other free media platforms. Today's students aren't often encouraged to pursue studies in art because of the lack of financial promise, and yet creative lines of work are often what students are most interested in.

KQED ART SCHOOL is a new free video series where professional artists are profiled, discussing their career trajectories and intentions behind their work, then help demystify the art-making process by introducing techniques and concepts in an accessible way that anyone can easily follow along with. With KQED ART SCHOOL, anyone can learn how to beatbox, make a stencil, draw comics, break dance, create percussion rhythms, and more, from some of the most dynamic contemporary artists around.

Learning Objectives

  1. What are some of the best sources for creating meaningful, accessible, creative experiences for students in under-resourced environments, and how can we encourage students and lifelong learners to pursue creative interests?
  2. How can arts education be democratized in a way that allows anyone to pursue studies in visual, performing, and media arts, without accruing mountains of debt?
  3. How do professional artists start? What is the essence of an artist's practice, and how do you initiate a creative career?



Kristin Farr, Arts Education Manager, KQED Public Media

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