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Everything Is Not Important

One of the greatest lessons we can teach people as experience designers is that everything is not important. It seems an easy lesson to learn, since after all, it’s our job is to sort through huge amounts of information in order to decide and to highlight what is important. Still, it may seem impolitic or it may conflict with our liberal sensibilities to simply say, "That's not important." And so we need help.

Our goal then is provide simple ways to diagnose and treat the disease of Inflated Importance.

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  1. How do we diagnose information bloat?
  2. How do you communicate issues effectively and diplomatically to stakeholders?
  3. How do you determine what features and content are important?
  4. What are some principles to ensure can you design effectively to focus on content which is important?
  5. What are some design patterns and solutions, which ensure content is presented effectively?



Robert Stribley, Senior Information Architect, Razorfish

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