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1 Coffee Pot, Many Disciplines: Why Space Matters

The Allen Curve, a theory developed by MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Tom Allen in the 1970's, asserts that the physical distance between individuals directly affects their levels of collaboration. This belief has begun to revolutionize space planning around the world -- especially the institution where the theory was developed. Whether it is open office space, specially designed labs connecting typically bifurcated groups, or the consolidation and co-location of related but fragmented activities and programs, MIT is taking a revolutionary approach to driving innovation and entrepreneurship through the creation of workspaces that promote and enhance collaboration.


  1. Why does workspace matter?
  2. How does MIT utilize workspace to enhance collaboration?
  3. What new emerging trends have the speakers seen when examining MIT workspace?
  4. How does workspace affect intellectual communities?
  5. What different types of workspace are used at MIT?



Benjamin Israelite, Program Manager, MIT

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