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Music Festivals- Advice From The Experts Part 2

This panel will be a continuation of last years wildly popular "Music Festivals- The Real Deal From The Experts" discussion. We have again assembled a collection of specialists in different areas of festival management who will get into the nuts and bolts of running a festival with discussions ranging from budgeting and ticketing to booking and marketing. The purpose will be to continue to identify best practices for music festivals as set forth by the best in the business.


  1. What do festival attendees really want? Taking a closer look at the psychology and mindset of your customers.
  2. What are the latest technology and tools that help you stay organized and efficient before and during a festival?
  3. How do you draw a greater audience from outside your city? What is the key to inspire people to travel to your festival?
  4. What other revenue streams exist for festivals outside of ticket sales, sponsors, and vending?
  5. What actually works when it comes to festival marketing, and what is a waste of money?



Steve Oberman, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Flavorus

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