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How Douchebags Ruined Dating

Online dating has become the #1 most common way that people meet their romantic partners. Yet the typical online dating experience is - for most people - painful. Women get too many spammy messages ("hey sexy" is a classic) and tune out. Meanwhile, nice guys can't get through the noise.

This presentation is an exploration of the ways that douchebags have ruined online dating for the rest of us - and what we can do about it! We'll conclude with Q&A from the audience & tips from Elissa on how to have an awesome experience meeting people online.

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Questions Answered

  1. How have douchebags and spammers ruined online dating for the rest of us?
  2. How do the leading online dating sites (perhaps even intentionally) encourage these behaviors?
  3. How are newcomers like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel & Let's Date solving the core problems with online dating?
  4. How can guys meet girls using online dating, when response rates from women are so low?
  5. What are the best apps for women to use, and techniques for finding the very best guys?



Elissa Shevinsky MakeOut Labs

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