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Making More UX Designers: Practical Apprenticeship

Demand for user experience talent is massive, and desire for a UX career has never been higher. But that demand is only for veteran designers and there’s no clear way for interested professionals to gain the required experience.

Apprenticeship can change that.

Apprenticeship is a carefully managed crucible of real-world work, individual mentorship, and formal training. In as little as 12 weeks, people with the raw talent to be great UX designers can gain the skills needed to kick-start a valuable career and sponsoring organizations will find their UX recruiting problems solved.

Boston’s Fresh Tilled Soil and The Nerdery in Minneapolis have both implemented successful UX apprenticeship programs. You can do it too and we want to show you how! In this presentation, we’ll show you the value our programs provided to our companies and our apprentices, and we’ll show you how to build a program that works for your organization. You can solve your design talent shortage! Let's do this!

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  1. How can I meet the growing demand for design talent within my organization without blowing my budget on senior designers, recruiting, and referral fees?
  2. What characteristics or components must a UX apprenticeship program have to be successful?
  3. What investments in time and money should I expect to make to get an apprenticeship program off the ground?
  4. What tangible benefits can I expect for my organization if I implement a UX apprenticeship program, and when should I expect them?
  5. How can the UX field as a whole lower the barrier to entry and make more UX designers in a consistent and sustainable way?



Fred Beecher, User Experience Designer, Apprenticeship Program Lead, The Nerdery

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