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Rhythm and the Brain

Rhythm is a dominant feature of the Universe, originating with the Big Bang.
It is everywhere, and is observable at every level; from the vibrations of atoms to the movement of the galaxies. Dr. Adam Gazzaley, UCSF Neuroscientist and Neurologist, and Mickey Hart, percussionist from the Grateful Dead, will take us on a fascinating tour of rhythm and its role in life and the very core of functioning of our brains. The presentation will conclude Dr. Gazzaley narrating a live audio/visual demonstration of Mickey's brain rhythms using real-time wireless EEG while his is performing.

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  1. How do rhythms express themselves in the cosmos, nature and our bodies?
  2. What are the rhythms of our brain and what is their function in our cognitive abilities?
  3. How has rhythm been used as a healer throughout history and across cultures?
  4. What do we know about rhythm as a healer from a neuroscience perspective?
  5. Can EEG be used to visualize and sonify neural rhythms in real-time in front of a live audience? Yes ; )



Adam Gazzaley, Professor, UCSF

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