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Reusable HTML, CSS, & JS: Front End Legos Part 2

You've been tasked with developing a new front end feature. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are nothing new to you, in fact you even know a few tricks to get this feature out the door. It doesn't take you long and the code works like a charm, yet you have a looming suspicion that some of the code might not be up to par. You're likely right, and you're definitely better than that.

We often write code without paying attention to the bigger picture, or overall code base. Upon stepping back we notice areas of duplicate code, ripe for refactoring. It's time to build more modular front ends, focusing on the reusability of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and to take maintainability to heart.

In this four hour long workshop you will learn:

How to avoid common problems working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
How to write reusable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
How to measure CSS specificity
How to modularize layouts and accommodate content
How to leverage JavaScript objects for reusability

Additional Supporting Materials


  1. What are some common problems, or pitfalls, when working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  2. How do I keep my code maintainable while writing reusable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  3. What are some strategies for building modular layouts, and what role does CSS specificity play in doing so?
  4. What are JavaScript objects and how can I use them to create reusable components?
  5. How does testing work in JavaScript and what are the benefits it provides?



Darby Frey, Senior Software Engineer, Belly

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