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5 Ways Games Blow Our Minds (Outside of Games)

Games have created new ways for us to express ourselves and play in the world we live in. Other mediums are stealing the storytelling tools of games and using them in creative, surprising ways. What are those tools? Why are they so powerful? This talk takes a look at everything from Soul Train to stand-up comedy to understand our deep drive to express ourselves. Artists will continue to steal from each other like bandits. How will that change the stories we tell ourselves – and each other?

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  1. Why do games create such intense emotional reactions in players?
  2. Why is expression and connection so important to us?
  3. Why are other mediums able to take gaming conventions and use them so such great affect?
  4. What tools are artists stealing from games? And vice versa?
  5. What does Soul Train have to do with all of this?



Susan O'Connor, Writer, Susan O'Connor Writing Studio

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