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Artist Development In Unexpected Places

As the music industry shapeshifts, the roles of managers and labels are getting sliced in many different ways. New services that have emerged in the last decade take on different components, but DIY artists are left with holes. Four industry veterans -- representing a distributor, a ticketing company, a PR company, and a crowdfunding service -- connect the dots across the music industry. They will talk about what it takes to make a career as a DIY artist. They discuss how they fill in the gaps beyond their official roles, when they decide to give an artist an extra push, and when an artist is asking for too much and what to do about it. This session will be useful for: independent artists at all levels, independent labels wanting to learn what else they can do for their artists, and music start-ups who engage directly with musicians in some facet of artist development.


  1. How can you help an independent artist today?
  2. What are indicators that it's worth investing your time in an independent artist's career?
  3. Where can independent artists find help when they do not have a manager?
  4. If you are helping an artist with career development, what can you do when they are asking for too much?
  5. What types of things make a difference in the success of a DIY artist?



Billy Geoghegan, Music Doer, Brown Paper Tickets

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