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Widow and Mortician Undertake Death's Digital Age

A Mortician and a Widow walk into a bar...

The oldest and most mysterious profession in the world now co-exists with the digital frontier - creating a new dialogue and death advocacy. With it, a burgeoning new industry is emerging, a whole new way to understand how to 'do' death. We call this the 'Death Space'.

The Death Space is everywhere; videos, blogging, websites, and free online tools helping to take the fear away from death and dying. At the same time websites are helping you to decide what to do with your physical corpse and real world assets, there are a growing number of new resources and services dedicated to sorting through your online death, ensuring a strange kind of interweb immortality post mortem.

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  1. The Fear Factor: Can technology make death seem less, you know..."deathy?"
  2. How different is digital dying than death 50, 100, 1000 years ago?
  3. How to use technology not be a dick about dying and those you leave behind.
  4. To Live and Die Online: When I die I am not actually gone?
  5. A Death Rebrand: Do I have to die like everyone else, or are their cooler, modern options?



Chanel Reynolds, Founder, Get Your Shit Together

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