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The Creation of Safe Spaces Through Art Education

Expression of any kind begins with an impulse. Impulses that have been nurtured within safe spaces flow with greater freedom. Those impulses that were squelched by unsafe spaces have difficulty finding expression. Today, we are increasingly aware of the need to find creative solutions to the difficult problems and various threats we face. Therefore, it is increasingly important to create and nurture safe spaces for the creative impulses to emerge and thrive. Mark and Humberto do this through the art of theatre. The original definition of the word “theatre” comes from the Greek, theatron, which means: the listening place. The listening place is not just a place of listening, but it is also a place of telling. Artists & educators make great partners in the search to create safe spaces. By applying a few of the tools handed down and refined by Humberto & Mark, participants can learn how to create the atmosphere and circumstances that give students and practitioners the courage to create.


  1. What is the process of creating safe spaces for dialogue, for learning, for failing, for excelling, for leading, for following, for questioning, for building trust in self, others, the world?
  2. How does the creative path parallel the “hero’s journey” depicted in stories and myths across the world?
  3. What do we know about the unknown?
  4. What are the questions we most deeply want to ask and how can Arts Education facilitate that inquiry?
  5. In what ways can Arts Education contribute to a sustainable trajectory for our species in the 21st century?



Humberto Perez, Educator / Artist, Revolution Arte Productions

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