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DPS & You: Building A Digital Magazine

A look at the development of an iOS magazine in Newstand. From the early days with Apple to branching out in the platform and incorporating HTML5. Funny Or Die's The Occasional's art director and lead developer share their experience in building a magazine from scratch and how to work the system to get the best output. From tips and tricks on optimization to manipulating Adobe's InDesign to get the best output. A hands on look at the Digital Publishing Suite and how to use it. This workshop will be four hours long.

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  1. What challenges you will face when building a magazine.
  2. What technologies work best on the iOS platform. (HTML5! and InDesign mix very well)
  3. How to shape your idea into the new medium and what rules you get to break from a traditional print magazine.
  4. Workarounds! Workarounds! Workarounds! We know the bugs and how to fix 'em.
  5. What you will need post magazine and how to market it's existence.



Nate Maggio, Art Director, Funny or Die

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