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Drop It! The Micropolitics of Food Writing

Drop it. Who cares? When it comes to food, our individual actions, online and off, are insignificant. Who cares that you eat artisan sausage? Who cares that you support fair trade tea farmers in India? Who cares that you make your own pickles? And, seriously, who cares if you write about it? Who isn’t writing about food? If that sounds sarcastic, flip it, because it is sincere. Answering those questions can lead to significant social and political action. Even if it is just a drop in the bucket, even if it is hard to find your audience, your point, or yourself, your writing matters. Keep at it. Eventually, something will find you. Micropolitics is all about the everyday choices we make, the diversity that arises from those choices, and the changes that diversity makes possible. In this panel session, three food writers discuss how the insignificant, mundane, repetitive task of writing changed their daily habits, their politics, and, yes, their lives.


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  1. Why write another blog entry about food when there is so much already out there?
  2. How does food writing enable social organization?
  3. What is at stake when you write about local, DIY, organic, fair trade, non-GMO foods?
  4. When does food writing get political?
  5. What kinds of financial risks and rewards are associated with food writing?



Will Burdette, podcaster, No Satiation

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