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Build Responsively: Modern Responsive Web Design

Build Responsively introduces attendees to the mindset and techniques necessary for embracing the fluid nature of the web. The full-day, eight hour long, workshop provides a broad sweep across the major topics involved in building responsive websites, including:
- Responsive Web Design 101
- Responsive Web Design Workflow
• New deliverables
• Using the appropriate tools for the job
- Serving Responsive Styles
• Techniques for Structuring Code
• Supporting older IE in RWD
- Creating Flexibility
• Images
• Tables
• Video
• Typography
• and more...
- Responsive Navigation Solutions
- Lessons Learned in Responsive
- Where We’re Headed with Responsive
Across each topic, we will cover a good starting point of best practices, relevant examples, recent industry developments, and challenging hurdles. Throughout the day, attendees will have opportunity to dig into code examples, but content will also be accessible for non-developers.

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  1. How does responsive web design impact our workflow when building for the web?
  2. How should I best serve responsive styles while adhering to the principles of progressive enhancement?
  3. How can I incorporate a variety of content types in a responsive project (images, tables, video, typography)?
  4. What options do I have for creating a navigation that will work across viewport widths?
  5. Where are we going with responsive web design?



Ben Callahan, President, Sparkbox

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