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The New Startup Garage for Innovation? Libraries!

Libraries as the epicenter of innovation, technology and economic recovery? You bet your assets they are!
By finding creative ways to bring together techies, entrepreneurs, makers, and sometimes even angel investors, today’s libraries are able to inspire real life action that jumps off the page and into startup success. Find out how Princeton Public Library (NJ) is leveraging community collaborations with groups such as the Princeton Tech Meetup, Python Users Group in Princeton, the Princeton Chamber of Commerce and many more to create unique opportunities for social good and local growth.
This conversation will challenge you to rethink the role of the library in your community and encourage you to explore how libraries can be a focal point of insights, ideas and innovation. If you have been seeking a "real world” social platform that has the ability to bring together a mix of thinkers, tinkerers, coders and investors the library just might be your answer!

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  1. How can a library lead the way as an innovation incubator and technology hub in the local economy?
  2. How can entrepreneurs, technologists and businesses utilize the space and services of local libraries to further their mission and goals?
  3. Why should libraries and entrepreneurs seek each other out for collaborative projects? What can each gain and how can the community benefit from this pairing?
  4. What types of successes have already occurred when libraries have partnered with the business co mmunity and others to create unique collaborations that help revitalize the economy and connect people with each other?
  5. How can libraries better serve entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists in the future and continue the trend?



Janie Hermann, Public Programming Librarian, Princeton Public Library

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