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Content Discoverability in the Digital Marketplace

In an industry were more than 8,200 books are published everyday (Bowker Annual Book Production Report, 2011) how does one find the right tools and resources to maximize discoverability in the digital space? Publishing insiders will provide insights from the community management vantage, the flexibility of the indie press model, and the traditional angle of the "Big Five."

Physical book communities are shrinking as consumers migrate to online book discoverability platforms. While this offers new opportunities and has made publishing vastly more attainable, it comes with a plethora of challenges. Consumers have yet to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape and publishers struggle to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Content creators across all media face the same obstacle: how to establish and maintain a presence in an increasingly crowded social marketplace. This panel will open a dialogue and provide actionable ways and tools to get your content discovered.

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  1. What is online discoverability, why is it important, and how has its evolution changed the online marketplace?
  2. How to overcome the challenges of marketing to a new generation that is less and less interested in books, but are searching for related content online.
  3. How does online discoverability transcend books and apply to startups, apps, blogs, and other digital media?
  4. What are the latest book discovery tools beyond and how do readers and publishers use them differently?
  5. How important are social conversations to discoverability and how are new tools utilizing this data to create the connection between publisher and reader?



Kristin Sheppard, Senior Marketing Copywriter, Greenleaf Book Group LLC

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